Fight Hunger

The “Community Mobile Pantry” is our way of giving back to the community. Fuel Up to Play 60 joined David Schwake, Food Service Director in our district and St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance to help feed families in need of extra food on the weekends. We started out with setting up every other weekend and now we set up every weekend. We see more and more families come out each pantry we have set up.

We get the word out by flyers and posting on social media. Every week there are different kinds of food that are donated. Our group of volunteers show up at 6:30am on Saturday to start setting up for a 7:30am start. As the families start a line after they first sign in. Then they walk from table to table, and we help with giving them fresh and healthy food. We even help with taking food to their cars because some people need extra help. Then once all the food is gone we clean up at 9:00am.

We feed over 300 people just in line for a Saturday. Afterwards, we total up the sign in sheets and the amount of people and families that sign in. We are feeding over a 1,000 people with this food we are giving them. Our Fuel Up to Play 60 squad and our community are passionate about helping others!

Arizona Ambassador
9th Grade