Fight Hunger

After brainstorming for a long while during my weeks off of school, I decided how I could help others. During this hard time, people are more insecure about their food than ever. With no jobs or money flow, the public struggles to find food. I decided to help distribute food and meat portions to people in need. I convinced my parents and brother to help work at the Northeast Iowa Food Bank and Pantry. While at the Food Bank, I observed others volunteering to accomplish tasks including; Packing meat, and canned goods into packages and containers that would later be given to those in need. My family and I worked the distribution part of the food bank and collaborated to record and log names, then place the needed portions into the individual’s vehicle. As we started loading the food into the vehicle, we practiced social distancing, but we were still able to see the smiles on the many faces. A couple of times I even heard sighs of relief. We shared laughs and smiles with others who may have needed some joy in their day. By the near closing time the traffic started slowing down, and we were able to somewhat reflect on what a great opportunity we had, and what a great opportunity we had given many others. In the end, it felt really good to go out into my community and help provide food for families during this pandemic. I felt relieved to see families receiving the rightful solution to their needs. I was humbled to help fulfill basic human needs.