Health & Wellness

Our High School Fuel Up to Play 60 students continue to partner with the Boys and Girls Club, who currently have approximately 100 families in our town’s after school program. During the day, all of the school’s nutrition staff prepares the “harvest of the month” tastings for each of these students on the first Wednesday of each month. Samples are given in each school during their lunch hour. We help pass out those samples during the day, and then go to help handout the harvest at the Boys and Girls Club that night. We talk with the kids about the importance of healthy eating. Each family then gets one voucher produced by a local Piggly Wiggly grocery store to take to the store during that month for 1 free item per family and a recipe that includes both the harvest item and dairy. It is our hope that families purchase the item and create the recipe at home to share with their family. We want to make sure everyone knows the importance of healthy eating, which includes vegetables and dairy, as well as getting 60 minutes of exercise daily. In my last experience handing out this harvest, I found out that if you are thinking that students would not like horseradish, I had many of the students coming up to me at the tasting asking for the recipe!

Andrew C.
FUTP 60 Youth Council Leader
12th Grade