Health & Wellness

Hello! My name is Kyleigh and I am from Kentucky and I would like to share with you all a few ways I Fuel my Good. I’ve been involved in the FUTP60 program for 5 years now and every year I have done my best to implement more and more ideas and projects to improve my community. I have helped out with many things around my school and community to promote the idea of healthy eating and physical activity. It is really important to me to inform people about the importance of eating healthy and being physically active. One thing that I have done to Fuel my Good is volunteer at events that help people become more physically active. I helped out at a 5K that was held in my town. We had prizes, healthy snacks, and many different race options that people could take such as a 5K or a one-mile fun run. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it whether they were running or walking it. Another way I Fuel my Good is by helping with school events. At a previous Summit I attended, I won a $1,000 grant. I spent the money that I received on blenders and ingredients to make healthy smoothies for my entire school. They were a healthier option that the drinks students and teacher might drink on the daily, and they were just as tasty. There were many different flavors so they had many options of what they could choose. Another thing my school has done is hold Wellness days for everyone in the school. There were things such as yoga, dance, volleyball, and stations about healthy eating and taking care of your body. During this Wellness day was when I made the smoothies for the school. Lastly, a way that I have Fueled my Good and others is by having a presentation for the school about FUTP 60. Me and a few others put together a presentation and presented the idea of healthy eating and physical activity and how it helps you and your well being. We talked about what FUTP 60 is and why being healthy is so important for yourself and to live a long, healthy and happy life. After our presentation we had things such as footballs and jump ropes to give out to some students at our school to try and get them more active. There are many ways for you to Fuel your Good but here are just a few ways I have fueled mine. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to be in such an amazing program. It really has made such an impact on my life any many others. I hope to continue with the program for many, many years and bring the idea that FUTP60 has given me to many more people. I hope that I find more ways to Fuel my Good and encourage others to fuel theirs as well!