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Hi, my name is Katelyn and I am from Wisconsin. I believe the reason we did Fuel Your Good is because there never needs to be a reason to be kind to others. Some people suffer from low self-esteem or get bullied. Those are the people we wanted to reach out to. If you give someone a post-it saying something like, “You’re awesome!’ that might boost their confidence level. If you were to give a younger kid a post-it saying encouraging phrases, they might think that’s really cool! Writing encouraging phrases on post-it notes and secretly sticking them on coat hooks doesn’t only make the person who receives it feel good, but it’ll make you feel really good to! You don’t have to do it for a certain reason, you can just do it to make someone feel good, or help someone who gets bullied or suffers from low self-esteem. There are so many ways you can make someone feel good with just a post-it note saying something like, “You’re cool!” There doesn’t need to be a reason to be kind to others. I have a friend who suffers from low self-esteem. I feel really bad for her when someone tells her she’s good at something and she denies it. I like to tell her encouraging things and try to find ways to boost her self-esteem. Lately, she has been making little posters saying all sorts of encouraging things for herself. When she sends me pictures of them, I feel so good inside when I know that she is trying to boost her self-esteem. These are the reasons why I think we did Fuel Your Good. We get the chance to make so many people feel good with post-it notes! We get to help people feel good about themselves. You also get to make yourself feel good along the way. These are the reasons I think we did Fuel Your Goodness.