Giving Back

Ava was so excited when she auditioned for her school’s musical Singin In The Rain & got a cast as a dancer! The set for the musical was going to be a tough thing to pull off because the show had so many tap dancing scenes & they needed to buy the proper flooring for safety reasons. Ava decided she needed to help & planned a fundraiser to help pay for the floors & props. She started baking cakes on January 17 and kept baking until March 17. She baked & decorated over 30 cakes and collected $1325! She donated every dollar to her school’s production. Unfortunately after a lot of hard work & many practices the show was postponed due to schools closing from Covid 19. The students were devastated. The good part of this story is that a lot of vendors needed to be paid for their work on the show & because of Ava’s donation these wonderful people got payment. It is a happy & sad story but a lesson Ava will never forget about working hard. She is a true hero of 6th grade!