Environment & Conservation

My name is Baruch and I am in 5th grade at Bannockburn school. On September 4th 2019, my school went to a park in Chicago to help pick up trash, and let me tell you it was a lot of work, but it was worth it. We picked up a lot of trash. In the middle of the program, they pulled aside two seventh graders and I, we got interviewed and helped in planting flowers and trees. After doing all that, we went to a building to help feed students and workers. We gave out Cheese sticks, yogurt, milk and pizza.. The experience was really fun, our school was the only school that represented Fuel Up To Play 60. We met the Commissioner of the NFL (I had the privilege to shake his hand.) We also met 4 NFL Legends, even the mayor of Chicago came too. This day was really important. My school played a game on who could collect the most trash, my partner and I did not win. Like I said I got interviewed it was pretty cool. They asked me questions like "what has fuel up to play 60 taught you?" My response was "Friendship." I have met a lot of people and made new friends as a result of joining fuel up to play 60 This made me happy to know I helped the community and that some people care about our state and our earth. It was fun to pick up trash.