Health & Wellness

Hi! My name is Aiva and I am an eighth grader from Wisconsin. Last year when my Language teacher and my fifth grade Science teacher talked to the middle school about Fuel Up To Play 60, I was very inspired. I go to multiple conferences with my mom for Juice Plus, which is fruits, vegetables, omega blend, or berries in a capsule. Ever since my family started taking Juice Plus, we began to have a healthy lifestyle. So, when I heard what Fuel Up To Play 60 was about I was very excited and instantly wanted to join the team. I was so excited that right after school when my mom came to pick me up, I literally ran to her car to have her sign the paper. Then, I ran to my Language teacher so I could make the tam in time. I told all of my family and friends about it. From there on, I enjoyed it so much. The events we held that year were the Turkey Trot, a sports tournament event, and a walking event, The team, new friendships, the fun, and we all had the same thing in common; we all loved to have a healthy lifestyle. I play softball, volleyball, and basketball. I always make sure I am doing something physical. I also love to workout with my friends. This year, I was so excited when we finally got our Fuel Up To Play 60 team together I was so excited to get back in the game. Our Fuel Up To Play 60 team held a Halloween Event and the Turkey Trot. We were awarded with a smoothie bike and some funds for smoothies earlier this year too. We soon will hold an event the Friday before Spring Break and go on a field trip to a dairy farm later on in the school year. Thank you so much Fuel Up To Play 60 for helping so many people have a happier and healthier life style!